All our sites are built to suit the needs of the business they are owned by. However, you may use this sample costing as a guide to show the initial site set-up fees and other expenses to expect. Please note that this is based on a 5 page very basic site, with no Flash animations. In many cases this is all that is needed. Search engine registration is optional. We also reccommend that you have your site legally compliant which needs to be quoted on a job by job basis. Please see legal notices for an example of how this looks.


Description (pricing excludes VAT) MUR RUP ZAR
Domain name*  
Domain name*
Hosting set-up
1 000.00

Page design & development ( 5 pages)

12 000.00
4 000.00
Search Engine Optimisation & Registration (optional)
8 000.00
2 000.00
21 000
5 700.00
Monthly hosting

* Please contact us for pricing of other domains.
Note that domain names usually have a renewal fee.


Legal notices  
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